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PCCL (Production Cycle Command Language) is a language that regulates workflow scenarios in robotic cells. Developed by Afşa Robotik. 

PCCL commands have been selected close to the spoken language for easy understanding and simplicity. Its operation is based on a stepping technique. 

The production cycle is monitored and controlled step by step, instead of looking at and approving all events and part assets at once. 

During the cycle, what to do and the necessary controls, Poka-Yoke requirements, the stage at which the part will be processed by the robot are programmed with PCCL.

In summary; The loading stage, robot welding stage, intermediate steps that must be during welding, unloading stage at the end of the process are programmed in a step-by-step language and the process is guaranteed by monitoring and controlling the implementation of these steps in each cycle.

Poka-Yoke gaps are eliminated as a result of the deterioration of equipment such as sensors, with constant notification of the existence of the part.

By adding the part boxes' information to the system signalization and adding the necessary buttons, sensors, and lamps, the desired working ergonomics can be created by enabling the operator to work within a mandatory order of loading and loading with PCCL.

PCCL (Production Cycle Command Language)

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