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Our company, which started its activities in 2008, continues its way by specializing especially on robot welding systems and machine feeding systems.


By providing all components and services of turnkey robot cells, it meets the solutions that need to be required in the welding applications required by the automotive industry and the general industry.


Our company has adopted the principle of being with its customers with after-sales support such as service, training, spare parts, consumables, and revision that the systems it supplies will need in the life cycle.

We offer reliable solutions at affordable costs with our standard solutions we call fabrikaynak®


Our company, which closely follows the developments in its sector, continues to work in accordance with the growth trends of the sector in the coming years by constantly improving its accumulation and experience with its trained personnel, constantly improving its technological level with its customer-oriented working approach, reliable product, reasonable price, and on-time delivery policies.

In this regard, it offers the innovations it performs as mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and software-based to the benefit of users.

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