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The demands of the customer regarding the production process are examined by considering the capacity, quality, efficiency, ergonomics, safety and cost factors and the most optimal solutions are offered.
While determining these solutions; Basic standard components such as the robot, process equipment are selected. Other needs such as fixture, turntable, positioner are determined.
The working principles and layout of the system are created. It is verified by analysis and simulations and presented to the customer.
Related project planning is done on the solution that has received the approval of the customer.
In accordance with the plan, the project is realized by carrying out relevant project studies.

Design, manufacturing, and simulations of related equipment such as fixture, apparatus, gripper, conveyor are made.
Within the scope of the project, the control circuit, automation and programming studies required by the system are carried out in the project design process. The system is tested in AFŞA ROBOTİK field by bringing all components together.
The pre-accepted system is shipped to the customer site and installation and commissioning work are done.
With the training required by the commissioned system, the system is made available to the customer.



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