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CAPTAIN Robotic Cell Control System, as the name implies, is a system that controls the operation of robot cells. Developed by Afşa Robotik. 

CAPTAIN is a system that has been observed with many years of experience, developed to eliminate users' difficulties in using a robot cell and to increase the efficiency of using a robot cell. 

CAPTAIN has various components as hardware and software and the system is based on the Industrial PC platform. 

CAPTAIN uses illuminated, audible and visual warnings on the screen, which are necessary for easy and correct use by the operator. With the meticulously selected and designed buttons, lamp configurations, and screens, the user is warned as necessary and guided to quickly troubleshoot problems. The operator directly sees and knows why the system does not start or why the working system stops and what is expected from the operator.

CAPTAIN Robotic Cell Control System is a control system independent of robot software and brand.

There is no software code for system automation on the robot. CAPTAIN controls all necessary conditions (Poka-Yoke, Security, etc.) and gives the robot the job and waits for it to finish. 

Thanks to the absence of software codes for automation on the robot, problems that can occur on the robot and the system can be seen separately. As a result, the serviceability of the robot or system becomes easier. CAPTAIN Robotic Cell Control System is a standard system. 

It easily responds to all the functions needed in daily use and even more is available. Thanks to its standard, CAPTAIN, which is the product of long engineering work, is obtained economically in the robot system. With CAPTAIN Robotic Cell Control System, changes in fixture automation and operating scenarios can be made on the screen without interfering with the PLC program. In addition, pre-prepared PCCL files can be loaded via the USB port. This prevents the additional time and engineering costs from occurring. 

CAPTAIN Robotic Cell Control System is offered as standard on Fabrikaynak. It can also be applied to systems with different layout plans, such as spot welding systems.

CAPTAIN Robotik Cell Control System

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